A web application micro-framework

WebApp.Net is a light weight, powerful javascript framework taking advantage of AJAX technology. It provides a full set of ready to use components to help you develop, quickly and easily, advanced mobile web applications. Get it now: v0.5.2 Support this project using PayPal.
It is fast, secure and ... optional!

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Book to Read Beginning iPhone and iPad Web Apps: Scripting with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript


Compared to native applications, web applications are faster and easier to develop, maintain and don't require any third party validation or fee to be online and fully available to everyone. Keeping this point in mind, we decided to provide an easy to use and full featured framework to help developers work faster and let appart most user interface considerations.


This framework targets most developers or advanced technology enthousiasts who want to take a walk on the mobile market. And as it is client based, it can be used with any server side technologies including PHP, ASP.Net, Python... There is no specific platform requirement. You can develop on any system including MacOSX, Windows and Linux.


WebApp.Net provides many API so that most of the work is done for you. No need to waste time on AJAX coding, it is already buit-in. You just need to download the package and look at the provided demo website to start with it and take a quick look at the documentation. All you need is a WebKit based browser to test your first web application.