WebApp.Net has been designed to mimic the actual iPhone and iPod Touch graphic user interface. It provides many powerful and easy to use components, based on javascript and cascading style sheets technologies, to help you design great and must seen web applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, webOS and any other devices with a WebKit based browser. WebApp.Net can be used with any server side technology (ASP.Net, PHP, Ruby...).


WebApp.Net is a simple framework with full support of AJAX. You can use the full capabilities of Javascript and XML without a line of code! A single HTML attribute is required to make a link asynchronous. Full AJAX form submition is also supported with a simple command in the form declaration.


WebApp.Net was the first framework to demonstrate the new full screen capabilities of the latest firmware from Apple for iPhone and iPod Touch. All required elements to make your web application work in this mode are already built-in with no change to your code.


Since its first version, WebApp.Net provides an easy way to use QuickTime media like MP3 and videos in your web application. Starting with version 0.5.0, this great feature is compatible with QuickTime Javascript events so that you have more flexibility to work with them. CANCELED FOR NOW


To make your web application looking more like a native one, WebApp.Net provides an easy way to create switch buttons and radio groups. Once again, no special definition is required, a simple class and your check box looks like a nice and fully functional switch button just like the one found on native applications!


To interact with the framework, a wide range of new events has been added. You want to add a custom loading indicator while processing AJAX requests? there is a set of events just for you, with a complete contextual data object so that you have all the required informations to work.


The new style sheet provided with WebApp.Net framework has been design with easy use in mind. Now, you have full control on elements colors like background, header, switch buttons, list elements and so on... with a single 'background-color' definition, no more need to design you own items!


You can use the progressive images loading feature to limit the amount of data loaded by the user and reduce bandwidth. If you have images in your layer and if it is asynchronously loaded, those images will be retrieved only when required. This means that if the image is not visible, it will not be loaded.


Sometimes, you may want to request data from another web site. Unfortunately, cross-domain AJAX requests are not allowed. WebApp.Net provides an easy way to work around this problem with a full integration of proxy support. You can easily start with it using the provided sample code.


Like no other AJAX based web application framework, WebApp.Net has full support of script definition in your asynchronous contents. Just define your script tag in your HTML code and it will be executed as if it was part of your base page. No more needs to hack your code!


Along side with the great advanced styles feature, PNG animation has been added to the WebApp.Net framework. This amazing feature lets you easily define a set of images to be animated on the background of your HTML elements. Enjoy the benefit of transparency and animation without headhache!


WebApp.Net has full support for Arabic, Hebrew and other right-to-left languages. An extra style sheet and all the required elements are part of the framework package. Just put the proper definition in your document to activate it.


A smooth layer transitions, a great header animation, a advanced XML format and so on... everything is here to make your web application the best one. Give the best user experience to your visitors using WebApp.Net!