20 Apr, 10:04am Forum restrictions

Due to the huge amount of spams reported these days in the forum, I decided to add an approval system to prevent spam posting. Please, read carefully the messages displayed when posting so that you do not post many times the same message or think that the forum doesn't work :).

04 Feb, 5:51pm The book need reviewers

If you recently bought "Beginning iPhone and iPad Web Apps: Scripting with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript" please consider doing a review on Amazon so that people visiting the book page can have a better understanding of the book content and whether this content can fit their needs. For this, just click here to jump to the Amazon review page. For now, two people seem, sadly, to dislike this book, so please, let me know your feeling. Thanks you very much!

17 Dec, 8:56am The Future of WebApp.Net

The new version of WebApp.Net will be modular and will be more standards oriented. This will enable more flexibility in updates and framework evolution, and a better compatibility across browsers. For instance, you will be able to select only a set of functionality and so, reduce the size of the framework to the required elements only. I already started to lintify and did some test with the extension capabilities. I hope to provide a first version very soon.

20 Nov, 1:10pm Buy my Book!

In the past few months I worked on a book about web application development and now, this book is about to be published! Indeed "Beginning iPhone and iPad Web Apps: Scripting with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript" will be available in all bookstores by the end of november. A new page has been added letting you know what you'll find and learn in this book. Go check it and "Like" or "Tweet" is right now hopefully it will be useful to you!

30 Aug, 5:21pm Like WebApp.Net on Facebook

A "Like" button has been added at the bottom of the web site. If you like WebApp.Net go click it and share your experience with others. Also, don't forget that a new section has been added to the forum so that you can post tutorials and again, share your knowledge with everyone. A "Like" button is also available for all forum threads.

29 Jul, 3:01pm Retina Display Support

Support for the new Apple's screen will be added soon to WebApp.Net and will enhance a lot rendering on the iPhone 4. In the meantime, you can check the first posted tutorial related to how to handle Retina new capabilities. Also, a new feature has been added to the forum so that you can "Like" a thread on Facebook.

06 Feb, 1:24pm 0.5.2 is out!

At last, the new version is available for download today. This is again a maintenance release but with small interesting enhancements like an easy way to set a spinner into a header button. Useful for asynchronous forms. Performances have been also slightly improved. But the main fix is the flickering effect with big layer, it is now gone! So, check the changes and download this great new version right now!

Along side with this new release, the web site has been updated too. You can now give kudos to forum posts to help the community to find interesting stuff. The global forum RSS feed has been updated to add the full last post content. And for those who missed the previous news, you can also follow me on Twitter.

A lot of great things! Go get it!

03 Feb, 1:25pm New documentation. Help needed!

I have recently started to rewrite the whole documentation in a way that it will be easy to update and maintain using XML. Unfortunately, the trial period of the tool I was using has expired. This is the best XML tool I found (I tested many) and don't want to change to something else. XMLSpy cost is 129 for the standard edition, which is far enough. Actually, there is more than 200 users following the RSS feed (and far more downloads), so, if everyone give 1 using PayPal the price will be largely covered. You can check a preview of this new documentation here. I never requested anything to support this project (I hate that...), it's up to everyone, but I think that a good documentation is important. So, feel free to help :).

Thank you!

03 Feb, 1:18pm Follow me on Twitter

I'm now on Twitter. All the important content related to the WebApp.Net framework is now shared and I invite everyone to become a follower and eventually retweet. Followers will get an easy access to all the news and forums activity.

21 Jan, 9:41pm Testers needed

The next version is coming soon with lots of interesting fixes. There are more and more developers using WebApp.Net, which is great, so, I think that some of you may want to help testing the upcoming version so that I can offer a really stable new version to everyone. If you have a web application using this framework, please, send me an email and I'll give you a preview of this new version.